Why Us?

  • We are impartial and offer no products of our own
  • Our independence ensures absence of conflicts
  • We focus on quality rather than quantity and favour client service over league tables
  • We have hands on experience and an impressive background in delivering innovative debt advisery and liquidity solutions    
  • Appreciation of the fact that non core business activities can take up an inordinate amount of senior management time
  • Experience in dealing with companies undergoing complex debt transactions and restructurings
  • Talent for turning problems into solutions
  • Comprehensive rating support and advisery service tailored around your specific sector and credit needs
  • We can access multiple funding sources leading to the most appropriate solution at the most competitive cost
  • We have extensive and long-standing relationships throughout the EMEA debt & debt capital markets providing our client base with privileged access to a diverse funding network
  • We have current knowledge of best approach to selected debt markets and lenders.
  • Our primary goal is to cultivate a long term relationship with our clients
  • We have a very flexible and competitive fee structure, and in some instances will consider deferred fee structures
  • Our Client Feedback speaks for itself
Where we add value

  • Prioritising client objectives and needs
  • Optimising capital structure
  • Matching available sources of capital
  • Bringing potential lenders to your side
  • Financial model suitability review and credit assessment
  • Streamlining information to lending institutions and rating agencies
  • Provision of highly experienced execution resource
  • Advising on the negotiation of institutions’ proposals
  • Working with legal advisers, ensuring documentation reflects terms and conditions favourable and reasonable to the client
  • Ensuring deadlines are met
  • Ensuring costs and lender fees are reasonable
  • Ensuring security and covenant package is not excessive

Why Use Us​

Benefits to You?

  • Allows you to focus on your core activities
  • We keep you out of trouble in areas which may be outside your core competencies
  • We have done this many times before and can benefit from our vast experience
  • We have the flexibility to tailor our services to meet your needs
  • We agree realistic deadlines and stick to them
  • We have extensive contacts throughout the debt capital markets, which allow us to get to the right people, quickly
  • We understand the pressures your staff may be under and work with them and around them to deliver optimum solutions
  • Our fees are far more reasonable than the costs of employing a full time person or making excessive use of the services of large advisory firm

Should you wish to provide us with any feedback or require further general information about our services please submit your feedback or enquiry via the Contact Us page of our website.

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