Corporate Debt Capital Solutions Beyond The Obvious 

CapSol Advisers Limited

We provide advice and support throughout your entire credit rating process, including:

Credit rating readiness

  • Conducting a preliminary assessment on whether it is in your interest to obtain a credit rating;
  • Providing guidance and advice on which rating agencies to approach;
  • Providing guidance on industry and agency specific rating methodologies;
  • Providing peer group benchmarking to identify key risks and business drivers that are likely to influence the rating outcome.

Rating Advisory Services‚Äč

Credit rating applications

  • Agency introductions and agency specific rating application assistance;
  • Providing guidance on credit rating charges and terms.

Credit rating process

  • Assistance with agreeing the rating process and timetable;
  • Ensuring transparency is maintained with regard to approach, methodology and process;
  • Rating book preparation assistance and advisery;
  • Rating management meeting presentation preparation assistance and advisery, including management coaching;
  • Rating process project management and support.

Credit rating actions / Annual rating reviews

Negotiation advice and identification of remedial/mitigating actions.

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