Debt finance and/or refinancing advice in the following scenarios: 

Maturing debt facilities requiring refinancing
Rapid growth and expansion requiring additional financing arrangements
Accessing new or alternative debt markets
Reviewing asset based finance to release value from balance sheet
Analysing off-balance sheet finance options; joint venture funding or hybrid debt
Assessing multiple proposals from lenders
Cross-border financing arrangements

Debt advice to support acquisitions, disposals or mergers in the following scenarios:

Strategic acquisitions which may involve complex borrowings
Sourcing a staple debt package to maximise sale proceeds on a disposal
Consolidation and optimisation of debt arrangements during and following a merger
Additional debt finance requirements arising from a change in strategic direction

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Our team specialises in advising and supporting businesses in negotiations with lenders and other key non-equity stakeholders.

We have the expertise to:

  • Deliver an in-depth diagnosis of the company’s financing requirements, including a review of the business plan and an evaluation of stakeholder positions;
  • Provide a comprehensive options and sources of funds analysis;
  • Lead negotiations to agree alternative solutions for the company with its creditors and supporting lawyers from initial discussions to conclusion.

Debt restructuring and renegotiation advice in the following scenarios:

  • New money requirements
  • Real or potential breach of covenants
  • Trading downturn creating short term liquidity or headroom pressure
  • Credit rating downgrade
  • Existing lenders transfer debt to an alternative lender group
  • Debt buy-back or facility amend and extend arrangements

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