Personal development- On the job training from colleagues and development through industry and professional courses are key to  the development and personal growth of our employees.

Diversity - We believe that diversity is key to our future success. We aim to treat people fairly and equally in every aspect of working life, and promote diversity and inclusion.

Environment - Our environmental impact, whilst low, is still a cause of concern and we are working hard to reduce our energy, paper use and waste.

We promote - A can-do approach, respect for colleagues and clients, treating customers fairly, delivering what we promise, working in teams, giving people autonomy and responsibility.

We avoid - Playing politics, prejudice of any kind, command and control management styles, closed doors, the word impossible.

To enable us to consider your skills and background for any of our available career opportunities please email your CV in confidence to


Why join us?

As our people are our greatest asset, we are committed to providing an entrepreneurial, challenging and rewarding career to all our employees. 

Communication - Open communication underpins our teamwork. Respect and responsibility for decisions and actions help us innovate and keep moving forward.

Our Services

  • We offer a range of debt, working capital and rating advisery services - all designed to help your company reach its full growth potential.
  • Whether you are looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul of your existing debt or working capital arrangement or want to consider all your strategic funding options, we can help you.      
  • Whatever your debt situation and the challenges you face, we are confident that we can deliver appropriate solutions.

CapSol Advisers Limited

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